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Speedway Composites X-Brace isEngineered for Improved CarControl and Faster Lap Times

We’ve got some really cool Corvette accessories to share with you today and we think you’re going to like them! Speedway Composites offers a line-up of “engineered accessories” created by a C8 Corvette owner! Today we are taking a closer look at their carbon fiber Chassis X-Brace, the C8 Wind Screen deflectors, and the hideaway Overhead Console.

As the owner of a 2020 Corvette Stingray and being an engineer at heart, Speedway Composites founder David McCauley looked as his Corvette and found several areas to make improvements to enhance and customize his prized sports car. These ideas were then expertly designed and engineered to ensure fit and finish, while also offering some nice driver conveniences as you are putting the car to use. CorvetteBlogger readers can score a 10% savings when you use the promo code CorvetteBlogger!

C8 Chassis X-Brace

Like many early C8 owners, David was reading all he could about the new mid-engine Corvette during its launch and release phase, and he found that one of the areas of improvement could come by increasing the torsional rigidity of the Corvette. In an article appearing in Popular Science, GM’s Lead Chassis Engineer for C8 Corvette Ed Moss stated that “the trick for torsional stiffness is that you’ve got to get the load through the tunnel and back to the shock towers and it’s hard with the engine there,” and that’s exactly what Speedway Composites has done with their chassis X-Brace.

The Chassis X-Brace was engineered so that torsional loads are transferred back to the Corvette’s shock towers. David says that by mounting the x-brace directly to the shock towers, compressive and tensile loads are directly controlled, eliminating diagonal movements of the strut mounts. Early prototype designs were analyzed and improved with “stress analysis” software to find any weaknesses, while a lot of time was also spent engineering the new mounting brackets that would integrate the X-Brace with the shock towers. With the X-Brace installed in David’s Corvette Stingray, it was tested on an F1 chassis analysis machine and found the X-Brace directly reinforces the body, reduces flexing, and improves rigidity by over 8%.

In the Summer of 2022 and 2023, the Speedway Composites X-Brace was track tested for how it impacted the feel and control of the car, but also to see if it could help increase lap times. Drivers reported improved control in apex and rapid lateral transitions, and with it installed in a 2023 Z06 with the Z07 Performance Package, lap times showed a 1% improvement. The X-Brace’s rigidity can be also felt during aggressive street driving as well, with the car feeling more solid, settled and controlled. Speedway Composites Chassis X-Brace is made from five layers of solid carbon fiber tubes and then covered with a sixth layer in visible carbon fiber available in four colors: Red, Black, Blue and Gray. The X-Brace’s connections to the chassis mounting points are manufactured with polished 304 stainless steel components. Installation is a snap, and it takes just minutes to mount with factory hardware that is already on the car. The X-Brace also fits perfectly over the Engine Appearance Package, and it makes a huge impact on your Corvette’s appearance. Get yours today for $599.00 and shipping is free.

C8 Wind Screen Driving in an open top Corvette can be an exhilarating experience, but sometimes the noise and blowing wind can detract from the ride. The Speedway Composites patent-in-process C8 Wind Screen attaches to the top of your windshield and deflects the wind up and away from the cockpit. With the reduced wind noise, you’ll be able to have a conversation with your passenger, keep the interior at a desired temperature, and not have hair blowing everywhere. In fact, they work so good, your wife will want to ride along on all your driving adventures! The polycarbonate deflector installs in seconds and comes with a custom bag for storage in the trunk.

The C8 Wind Screen utilizes anodized black or red hardware to connect in the same way that the factory top does. The wind screens come with a dark tint which will also help to keep the sun from your eyes. Available for C8 Coupes and Convertible models for $399 and shipping is free. C8 Overhead Console

Do you wish you had more storage space in your C8 Corvette? Speedway Composites offers up this innovative C8 Overhead Console that slips in below the Coupe’s headliner above and behind the rear-view mirror. It installs in seconds and comes with a custom bag for storage in the trunk. The Overhead Console is a great place to store sunglasses, your wallet, and any other personal effects. Best of all, the location is nearly invisible from the outside. Available for $229.00 and shipping is free. CorvetteBlogger readers can save 10% at Speedway Composites using the promo code CorvetteBlogger. Speedway Composites also has some additional products which you can see at For questions about the chassis X-Brace or any of the other engineered accessories from Speedway Composites, call 317-975-1545. Source: Speedway Composites

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