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The C8 Wind Screen attaches at the top of your wind shield to deflect wind away from passengers to reduce noise, hair blowing around and it helps keep the cabin at desired temperature, warm or cold. The dark tint keeps morning and evening sun out of your eyes. Black or red anodized hardware. Fits the coupe, convertible is not available at this time.


 The windscreen is made of darkly tinted polycarbonate to act like a pair of sunglassed to catch the light at that annoying "just above the windshield" angle.  The sunscreen's thick polycarbonate / lexan is the same material as bulletproof glass, making it strong and tough.  The hardware is made of billet 6061 annodized aluminum.  The windscreen is fitted to my car for the perfect fit.  The locking cam mechanism is adjustment eventhough that should never be not neccesary.  



The design blends with the C8's windhshield and A pillar lines, but provides a nice personalization / customization.


The C8 Wind Screen attaches in the same way as your factory top.  The  wind screen come with heavy duty velour bag, which includes 2 loops.  The loops attach to the hooks in the top corner of the trunk, so when stored the wind screen is up and out of the way.


What customers are saying:

- "Love it! So well designed. Cuts wind down by 80%. Only disadvantage is now my wife wants to ride with me. Ha!" - Alan, Mountain View Arkansas

- "I love it. It really forces the wind up and over. I could tell a huge difference in the wind." Brian, Elletsville IN


Patents in Process.

C8 Wind Screen

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Wind Screen – attaches at top of wind shield to deflect wind away from passengers to reduce noise, blowing around and keep the cabin at desired temperature.

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