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Wind Screen

Alan, Mountain View Arkansas

- "Love it! So well designed. Cuts wind down by 80%. Only disadvantage is now my wife wants to ride with me. Ha!"

Brian, Elletsville IN

- "I love it. It really forces the wind up and over. I could tell a huge difference in the wind."

Cman eBay customer

- It has been raining, I finally tried it and it was light years ahead of without it. I love it and it works like a charm !!

Chassis Brace

On the race track: "rear end did not even twist or slide on the track" , great feel in the corners, huge difference
"Just wanted to let you know the brace is a fantastic addition to the engine bay in both form and function ... Looking forward to seeing your next product for the C8."
"This item is very nice! It has a great impact. It has become my favorite part of my car items."
" Wow, I'm looking forward to the release of your new parts."
"Love it. Like artwork"
"The item is beautifully made I'm super easy to install we highly recommend it to everyone with a C8 Corvette"
"In my opinion, the chassis Torque bar is one of the best chassis bar in the market right NOW ,- CF Material, - Billet aluminum (ed. stainless),-Design,- Perfect ,- Easy to install "
Z07 semi-professional driver: "I thought the tires were feeling greasy. We installed the strut brace and all of that looseness in the corners went away, eventhough the track was hotter"
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