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About the Company


In 2020 David McCauley was among the first in line to order the new mid-engine C8 Corvette from his local dealer. After waiting for what seemed like forever, he took possession of his white C8 coupe and immediately fell in love with it. Dave is an engineer at heart, and as he tooled around town in his new C8 he began thinking of ways that he could enhance and customize his prize possession. Soon he was envisioning a line of products that could enhance his car's performance or provide greater functionality and comfort. Hence, Speedway Composites was born and incorporated in late 2022.

The Products

Putting his engineering mind to work, Dave began the tedious task of expertly designing accessories for the C8 Corvettes. His first task was to pick the design language and he settled on f-22 fighter - the same design language that the GM engineers used. It is a bit edgy and aggressive with straight lines as opposed to rounded, organic styles.

His first product, chassis cross braces, was born out of Dave's desire to improve the handling on his car.

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