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Sports Car

Custom Accessories for your C8

Products to Enhance Road Performance

Chassis Cross Brace

Significantly reduces the twisting and flexing of the chassis for greater road handling ability.

Products to augment vehicle functionality

front diverter.The front diverter keeps water off of your engine and belt driven accessories.  It also has LED lights that ca

Front Diverter with Engine Lights

Catches rain/water and diverts it away from the engine, drive pulley and accessories as well as the car’s trim. LED’s light up the engine bay.


side diverters.jpg

Left & Right Side Diverters

Catches rain/water, dust and debris from hood vents and diverts to one spot on strut towers. Ensures high performance cooling compared to stock build. 


rear diverter.jpg

Rear Diverter

Catches rain and debris coming down the rear glass and diverts it away. Protects the engine, transmission and electrical connections.


Products to improve driver convenience and comfort

wind screen.jpg

Wind Screen

Attaches at top of wind shield to deflect wind away from passengers. Reduces noice and blowing while helping to keep the cabin at desired temperature.


overhead console.jpg

Overhead Console

Attaches to the top’s headliner above and behind the rearview mirror. Provides a significant amount of additional storage while invisible from the outside.


heel plate.jpg

Aluminum Heel Plate

Rests below the driver’s feet. Keeps dirt off driver's feet and pants while providing a customized look.


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