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Chassis Cross Brace

Made of carbon fiber and stainless steel.  100% tested by Dave to loads over 5X actual requirments

Increased Performance

Better Handling

Attaches directly to the strut tower to strengthen the chassis
Decreases lap times and makes driving hard easier and more enjoyable

Improved Appearance

Directly addresses an issue the lead chassis engineer for the C8, Ed Moss, discussed.

"The trick for torsional stiffness is that you’ve got to get the load through the tunnel and back to the shock towers..."   Read Article

The brace accomplishes this "trick", transferring load from the tunnel to the shock towers. The strut cross brace utilizes straight lines and over engineered components to maximize strength and rigidity, making it far stronger than the actual loads on the brace.

Made from polished carbon fiber tubes

Extremely strong yet lightweight

Easily installed

Fits C8 and Z06

Available in multiple colors

"On the race track the rear end did not even twist or slide on the track", great feel in the corners, HUGE difference."

With polished 304 stainless steel hardware.

Black & Dark Gray


White, Silver& Light Gray

strengthens C8 Corvette Chassis STrut X Brace by over 8% improving control and responsiveness

1) Remove 2 bolts and 4 nuts

2) Install cross brace

3) Re-install the same bolts and nuts.

All products are made in Indianapolis, Indiana USA
Chassis Strut X Brace improves C8 Corvette handling and appearance
C8 Corvette performance is improved and keeps the chassis strong like new
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