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These products diverter rain, dust and debris away off the engine to keep it clean like new.   


The side diverters catch rain, dust and debris that comes through in rain or carwashes.  They eliminate the vast majority of dust and debris that accumulates on the engine, transmission and electrical componetns when driveing or even sitting in the garage.


The majority of water coming onto the engine, transmission and transmission controls comes from the gap at the bottom of the glass,  The rear diverter acts as a gutter and catches that water and drops in a gap inside the catalytic converters.  


A suprising amount of water enters the engine compartment from the area of the rear view camera.  that water, if not diverted, "pisses" down onto the engine cover Corvette logo!  the front diverts catches that water over to the side diverters which then drain in a space between the rear struts and the black plastic surrounding the engine.  The front diverter also has very bright LEDs lights.  These lights are connected to the rear glass defrost so that they can be activated from the engine compartment.  There is a switch on the front diverter so that the rear defrost can be operated seperately from the bright red LED lights.  The lights can be on without the defrost and vice versa.


All diverters are engineered to allow more venting area that the factory openings.  In testing the car ran as cool or cooler than stock.  I believe the cooler running may be due to the side diverters forcing only hot air out, whereas the factory layout is actually pusing warm air out.


All of the deiverters and some related dirivative designs are patented, # 11,813,936.

Water and Debris Diverters

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Summer Sale - Accessorize your C8!

  • The side diverters lie below the side vents and catch any water, dust and debris and divert it away from the engine.  They are offset to from the vent to allow proper venting and do not interfer with the cooling of the car.  Testing indicates a slight improvement in cooling due to the unidirectional laminar flow of hot air away from the car. The rear diverter acts as a gutter to send water away from your engine and transmission.  The front diverter prevent water from getting on your engine and accessory belt and the lights are great at lighting up the engine bay and "diverting" tail gaters!

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